These secrets boosted my KD ratio from 1.02 to 3.89 in a matter of DAYS! Now I'm ready to show you everything, so you too can do the same!

I've been working since PRE-RELEASE IN 2012 (with beta-testers) collaborating with pro-gamers, COD fanatics and even a mathematician to get all of the secrets, ghosts pro tips and tricks people like you can use to dramatically raise your KD, amaze your friends by getting an early advantage over other Ghosts players and own any game you play online!

Back years ago when I first got COD on my original Xbox I sucked in comparison to my friends, so since then I've made it my mission to consult the real gaming legends and developers so I could learn how to teach others the secrets used by the pros to win big prize money!

Ghosts Pro Tips

Learn the gaming techniques used by PAID PRO GAMERS!

Believe me, I know exactly what it feels like to be sick of getting shot every time you walk around a corner when you're playing online.

Imagine how satisfying it would be to be that 'one guy' who always gets a ridiculous scorestreak every time you play.

And the thing is, these gameplay techniques and secrets aren't even that complicated - they just haven't been publically available...Until now.

COD Ghosts Map Guide

Discover the mistakes that every player makes!

Just think about it, are these professional world ranking COD players somehow blessed with fingers that can move at 1,000mph across a controller and the eyes of a hawk?

Or is it just that they've built up the knowledge of the places on the map to get fantastic kills without being seen (let alone shot at) and know where exactly to avoid going?

They've worked out the best class setups for every scenario and know what combination of weapons and perks is best for every situation?

They know exactly what scorestreak combinations will skyrocket them from having a 'few kills' to blowing everyone out the water with a 3.00+ KD ratio?

It's not exactly rocket science.

Ghosts Map Guide

Learn how to make the multiplayer maps work for you!

Stop being the player running around aimlessly or hiding behind a bush and learn the best places to ambush, the best chokepoints and the best sniper-spots used by pro-gamers!

By simply learning these secrets circulated between PAID professional gamers, the average player can increase their KD ratio by an average 465% in a single week.

Forget coming 3rd or 4th in a lobby, once you know these tricks you'll be finishing 1st on kills and KD ratio every time.

Professional gamers don't get paid for coming last, right?

COD Ghosts Class Guide

Discover all the best, unstoppable, weapon classes!

The reason most of the 'gaming newbies' frankly, suck, is because they have the wrong class setup for their gameplay style. By making a few simple changes to your classes so they're tailored to YOUR SKILLS you'll find your skill level rise within minutes.

Forget the 'popular' classes people claim are the 'best' and learn the real secret setups used in professional tournaments (with prize money) to absolutely decimate the enemy.

Watch your average game kills skyrocket up once your classes suit your gameplay style and quickly become the envy of your friends and other online players alike.

Pro gamers aren't wizards. They just know what weapons to use.

COD Ghosts Scorestreak Guide

Find out the 'ridiculous XP boosting' scorestreak setups!

Over 96% of players have poorly configured scorestreak setups. That means if you were reading this with 20 friends, only one of them would have them set up correctly.

You know how everyone has that one person they know who's just ridiculously too good at gaming?

...See the connection there?

We've combined the knowledge of the best professional gamers playing COD:Ghosts and statistical analysis of the world's highest scorestreaks and gameplay to determine the world's best scorestreak setups

85 killstreak? Not bad. For starters...

Check out what other gamers like you have been saying about the techniques in the Ghosts Pro Guide

Customer testimonial Josh Loader Customer testimonial Joe Foulds Customer testimonial SkyGamerz

Now I could tell you more about our mathematical analysis of the best COD:Ghosts players, the personal class setups tailored specifically to you, the detailed multiplayer map diagrams with marked sniper spots, ambush locations, chokepoints and avoidable 'kill zones' and various other techniques and gameplay methods the pro's use to win COD tournaments with huge prize money...

But I'm sure you'd much rather see it for yourself, right?

A gameplay guide written using the secrets of pro games is great...Now you can get the tips and tricks tailored to your personal playstyle!


Plus , when you get the Ghosts Pro Guide today I am going to include these great bonuses to help you skyrocket your kills, lower your deaths, and prestige faster than anyone else playing right now!

Once you signup, you will get instant access to the Ghosts Pro Guide! It doesn't matter if you're a total newbie to the game or a seasoned player! You WILL raise your KD ratio DRAMATICALLY!

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